Physical Therapy usually combines inactive therapy and therapeutic exercise. Inactive therapy includes heat or ice packs, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, infrared treatment, 3-D balance excercises and massage. These treatments help to ready the patient for active therapy by relaxing tight muscles and easing pain or discomfort.

Therapeutic exercise includes stretching and prescribed exercises to help stabilize the spine, build strength and endurance, and increase flexibility.

Therapeutic massage is a broad term that encompasses an assortment of specific techniques that involve the targeted manipulation of the body's soft tissue through coordinated pressure and movement. All of these "touch therapies" integrate specific strokes and practices to facilitate change in the body. Our experienced massage therapists may recommend including one or more of the following techniques in a session, based on each client's particular needs and goals.

Ultrasound can produce many effects other than just the potential heating effect. It has been shown to cause increases in tissue relaxation, local blood flow, and scar tissue breakdown. The effect of the increase in local blood flow can be used to help reduce local swelling and chronic inflammation, and, according to some studies, promote bone fracture healing. The intensity or power density of the ultrasound can be adjusted depending on the desired effect. A greater power density (measured in watt/cm2 is often used in cases where scar tissue breakdown is the goal.

TENS is a noninvasive way to override or block signals from the nerves to the spinal cord and brain. Pain messages may be altered enough to provide temporary or even long-lasting pain relief. In addition to controlling pain, this type of electrical stimulation can also improve local circulation and reduce or eliminate muscle spasm.

TENS can be used for relief of pain associated with a wide variety of painful conditions. Back pain caused by spine degeneration, disc problems, or failed back surgery is commonly relieved by the use of TENS. Nerve pain (neuropathy) from conditions such as chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS) or diabetes may also be managed with TENS.

Kinesio Tex Tape is a newly popularized modality that is used by therapists trained in the Kinesio Taping Method by Certified Kinesio Taping Instructors (CKTI). Kinesio Tex Tape is a latex-free hypoallergenic cotton fiber tape with an acrylic heat-activated backing that stretches only along its longitudinal axis. The tape can be stretched 40%-60% of its resting length. The tape has no medicinal properties. The thickness and weight of the tape is designed to approximate the weight and thickness of skin.


Specialized customized plan of care for each individual patient. Physical Therapy is supervised by Dr. Ibiza Nevares.

Interferential Current Therapy (IFC) is a noninvasive therapy indicated for the symptomatic relief from, and management of, chronic intractable pain and post-surgical and post-trauma acute pain. It provides a safe and effective alternative to pharmacological approaches to pain control. IFC has minimal side effects and is non-addictive. Adverse reactions associated with electrotherapy may include skin irritation beneath the electrodes.

The Russian protocol is a modality of electrical stimulation that has been employed for muscle strengthening. It was originally developed for strengthening of Russian Olympic athletes by Yadou Kots. This type of electrical stimulation is a medium frequency polyphasic AC waveform with burst modulations. There are typically 50 bursts per second with 50 pulses per burst. The application is 10 seconds on, 50 seconds off, for a duration of 10 minutes. The intensity is adjusted to elicit a tetanic contraction and is usually uncomfortable to the patient. There are several studies to indicate that this protocol may have some benefit in muscle strengthening. However, there are studies which also indicate that adjustments can be made to the original work of Kots which may be more appropriate and comfortable.



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